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Capture, Cleanse and Weave

Originally posted on Education Scotland's PLL blog With Tartan Day celebrated on 6th April, the news was awash with stories of Brand Scotland being celebrated and promoted internationally. With Social Media timelines jammed with digital shortbread tins and heartfelt pleas to those in charge of American business budgets, it was all feeling a bit like Brigadoon had set up home in the Metaverse. One story caught my eye though, that of Moray-based tartan textile specialists Great Scot . The firm have created a new 'Ukraine Forever' tartan using the colours of the Scottish and Ukrainian flags as a gesture of support the war-torn Ukraine. Apparently, it was a real team effort leading up to the production of this tartan. The idea came from their online community and everyone in the company was involved in the creation, from seamstresses to the delivery team. It is amazing the opportunities that can arise when people work together. On a frosty November morning, back in 2020, I join