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Inaugural National Schools' Minecraft Finals

It was an absolute joy to bring the first Minecraft: Education Edition Scottish Championship to Abertay University's School of Informatics and Design this week. I will be forever grateful to Prof. Gregor White for throwing open the doors and welcoming the young people into the heart of the school - and for handing out the prizes at the end of the day too - making for a very memorable experience for all our young people. On the day, teams from three local authorities were present for both Primary and Secondary finals. The brief was to design a sustainable school of the future and resulted in some fantastic submissions. The judging process was particularly challenging as we found ourselves splitting hairs to finally declare the winners. What has been quite disappointing is the slow uptake around the country for Minecraft Education Edition. Education Scotland cannot provide this as a national app and the ongoing mismatch of DPIA/GDPR risk appetites/educational benefits within our