From the Archive (3): Targets I set myself in 2010.

 The following excerpt is from a much longer reflective piece I wrote in 2010 as a student teacher. I've included it below to force me to reflect on how my practice has changed over the subsequent 12 years.

Considerations for Future Practice: Inclusive Environment and Learning Experiences

I feel in many ways I missed a golden opportunity with this class.  Although we used ICT, we used in a pedestrian manner.  In this modern, digital era, it is both easy and essential that we provide activities which will benefit everyone in a class, not just those with perceived inhibitors or disabilities.  “Difficulties” of a wide variety can be leveled through the use specialist programs, specific equipment, or even just through new ways of using readily available resources.  Technology can easily augment the learning of struggling pupils, can enhance the education of all pupils, and can be geared to stretch even the most able students in a class.  Mobile technologies, such as iPods and mobile phones, can be used to reinforce learning through applications, games, homework reminders or specific tasks. Word processors and laptops can be used to make life easier for pupils with conditions such as dyslexia. Returning to the idea of communication difficulties, ICT provision can help children struggling with direct speech (for whatever reason) gain confidence using speech bubbles in online cartoons or automatically generated speech through programmes such as Voki or voicethread.


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